You’ve got a beautiful Sol. Happy Sol by Slumbrew

Happy Sol by Slumbrew  is just such a beautiful looking beer. I’ve seen it in photos numberous times, and always thought that the color is perfect. I don’t think the lighting or the disturbed yeast in my photos do it justice, but this is one beer to behold.


Interestingly the orange hue doesn’t just come from the grain in this wheat beer, but rather a large addition of blood oranges. Despite my inquiring, I’ve not been able to find out just how many lbs per barrel are in it, but they indicate on their site it’s over a thousand. What ever it is, it’s the right amount for the color and the aroma. Happy Sol has the nose of a bumped up Hefeweizen, some clove and coriander, and the blood orange. The beer poured cloudy, as a hefe should be.

The beer is crisp, with not a lot of lingering taste, just a bit of pithy bitterness. A beer with the low ibu I would not expect more hop presence. I do wonder if my bottle were fresher there’d be more orange in the after taste. I gave my wife a sip, and she promptly requested a glass. If you are a wheat fan, which I count myself, this is a nice example, from a small local brewing company. Local scores points with me as I’m an unrepentant homer.


Another thing that scores points with me is the level of detail available about the beer on their webesite.  With the details provided, any hombrewer with brewing software and some basic style knowledge could come up with a recipe. This is a sign of a confident brewer, they know they make good beer, and can continue to make new and exciting beers, and don’t have to hide their recipe as if it’s their only asset. Kudos!


Vital Stats: 22oz bottle served in a tulip so I could admire it’s amazing color. 5.5% ABV, 18 IBU.

Taste: B+. Clean, refreshing, and a great summer beer for the back porch.

Appearance: A+ Amazing. Best looking beer. I can’t say this enough.

Drinkability: A.  ‘Could drink this all night’ quote from my wife.

Packaging: B+. The actual label design doesn’t speak to me, but has all the important info, abv, bu, when to drink, and bottled on date.


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  1. Way to carry the torch Aaron. I’m going to give this one a try this summer. Sounds like a beer right up my alley. Thanks for a great review (and photos).

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