You are a mean one, old tom.


I’ll admit bias to Maine Brewing Company’s offerings right off the bat. They have so many things that I appreciate in a brewery. They are small and local, they care about the big picture, and they make really good beer.

Mean Old Tom is their winter season release, a stout aged on vanilla beans. I don’t know how many of the bottles made it’s way to MA this year, It’s first year here, but I doubt many are left on the shelves.

The beer pours with a thick coco colored head, that settles as you drink it. The beer smells and tastes of coffee. Thick rich coffee, unfortunately there is not more vanilla on the nose or in the beer. If they had left it off the lable, I’d not have even thought about it.

Very enjoyable,it didnt’ blow my mind like I was hoping. At 6.99 a bottle for a bottle smaller than a bomber, your expectations are a little higher, and you might not make this a go to beer. I’d have no reservatons bringing it to a swap.



Taste – B+ Thick, dark with a sweet coffee backbone.
Drinkability – B Pretty drinkable for the stout style, but one is enough.
Vital Stats – Bottle conditioned, 6.5% ABV, American Stout served in my CBS pint.



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