Yeti “Chocolate Oak Aged Imperial Stout”

Wow. This beer is intense. It has a large bourbon and oak smell and even larger flavor. I found the oak & alcohol flavor (it’s 9.5% ABV) to dwarf the chocolate flavor. The oak flavor is comparable to a really full bodied red wine – it’s in your face and lingers on the tongue. Good beer though and I think Storer and Shannon and the other scotch fans would really dig this beer but for me it’s a bit too much. Really fun to try though. A- for flavor, C+ for drinkability for me.

chocolate yeti

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  1. I don’t know… my recent tastes of other oak aged brews suggest you and I have a similar take. Really interesting to try, but scores about average for drinkability. I usually want to enjoy what I’m drinking, not be challenged by it. My 2 cents.

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