Pretty Things’ X Ale: Part II


Just a quick few words, and few photos. This is the second half of my pretty things x ale review. The 1838 version of the recipe. With the memories of the 1945 version long gone from my senses, I have to rely on notes to compare.


As you’d guess from the vitals, these are to vastly different beers under the same name. This is golden, and bitter with lots of hop bite. None of the dark malt and easy drinking of the mild. The level of perfume in this is almost over bearing. All together an interesting exercise, but not one to seek out.

Vitals: 7.4 abv. Served too cold in a perfect pint.
Branding / packaging: b+ interesting story, good level of detail, including brewed on date, and history.
Drink ability: B a little too hop forward, and flowery to be more than a pint.

xale4 xale2

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