Wild Trillium from Trillium Brewing

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Trillium Brewing Company is just down the street from my Office in fort pointe Boston. When I saw they were having a bottle release on a day I was in the office, I figured it was a sign, and I needed to pick up a bottle or tow. It turns out the beer is their anniversary release. http://www.trilliumbrewing.com/wordpress_blog/2014/03/trilliums-1st-anniversary-week/ It’s a called a wild saison. The Saison style covers a broad spectrum of beers, from 9% golden hued clean beers, to 4% pale funky table beers. This beer is described by Trillium Brewing Company as ‘Wild Trillium is a wild fermented version of our flagship beer, Trillium Farmhouse Ale. The beer spent over 9 months aging in a single oak barrel with our house blend of wild microbes.’ It’s unclear what specifically they mean by Wild Microbes. More often than not brewers these days will simply buy a batch of pitchable microbes from one of the yeast producers and pitch it like they normally would a yeast. It’s really hard to say if this was fermented with regular yeast, then spiked with microbes, or fully fermented with them. However from reading some of their past blog entries, prior to going pro, it sounds like they have harvested wild yeast and fermented it that way. http://trilliumbrewing.blogspot.com I haven’t had the base beer on it’s own to say how it compares.

It has good carbonation to style, a bit prickly, a very vinous smell. It is more funky than Boulavard’s Saison Brett, which is a brett Brux finished saison. This beer is crisp and tart, I taste a bit of oak tannins. It seems to have brett and lacto sourness and I do not pick up any acetobactor. I do get any vinegar notes, or other off putting sour flavors. They beer also tastes quite hoppy almost pithy in a grapefruit pith way, but not unpleasant. It’s an interesting one off beer, I’ll likely never see again, except for the second bottle I’ve got tucked away in the basement for the future.

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