White Birch Brewing Nyx

This black IPA is a collaboration between Bill and his apprentice Adam and it’s special. If it weren’t Sunday night, I’d have already gone out to grab a few more bottles to sit on until next Fall when the cold air makes me crave beers that have a little more bite to them. Which is a conundrum… dark beers from an apprentice in the Spring? Will we ever see this beer again or is it one and done?

It pours a deep, rich black with a creamy brown head. Dark roasted malts on the nose, with a hint of charcoal. The first taste it both bold and sweet at the same time. It’s not too sweet, just a subtle flavor. The malts are complex, with chocolate, black patent and mollases sneaking in. The hops play nicely with this brew. It just gets better as it warms… really a beer I can get behind.

I will be getting out tomorrow to get my hands on a couple more bottles of Nyx. It’s a great beer for another season.

Vital Stats: Served from a 500ml bottle at 50F into a imperial pint glass. 7.0% ABV.
Taste: A-Absolutely perfect for the style.
Drinkability: A- Surprisingly easy to enjoy. Not too big.


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  1. @ Derek – let me know how it holds up. Three months later and this beer is still drinking strong, although the hops are a little subdued compared to when it was fresh. At 7%, it should hold up well for the winter, but store cold if you can to minimize hop degradation. Cheers!

  2. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I’m putting a bottle of Nyx in the fridge to try tonight. Will report back on my findings. @Adam – Critical Mass Brewing is looking good. What are your plans for beer releases this summer? I saw you’re working on a wheat. Anything else? Are you bottling?

  3. Jim – thanks for the words of encouragement. We’re hoping to have our first release ready by the end of the summer, but I can’t give too much info on what it’ll be yet. It won’t be the wheat, but that will be a regular part of our lineup eventually. When we’re producing, we will be both bottling and kegging, so you’ll be able to find our products at your local bottle shop, bar, or restaurant. Cheers!

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