What’s in YOUR Holiday Six Pack?


Back in the Craft Beer Social offices we came across this article from Thrillist on their favorite holiday six-pack and wondered, “what would we put in there?” Chad quickly offered up Old Fezziwig, a seasonal from Sam Adams, Aaron has a deep rooted passion for Sierra Nevada Celebration and I unabashedly love me some Anchor Christmas.

So then, what’s in your ultimate holiday six pack? Let us know in the comments, preferably while enjoying one of the same.

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One comment on “What’s in YOUR Holiday Six Pack?

  1. I’m not big on holiday beers, but, here’s my holiday / winter mixed 6.

    Sierra Nevada Celebration ale
    Founders Breakfast stout
    Baxter Phantom Punch
    Maine Beer Company Mean old Tom
    Goose Island Madame Rose
    Sierra Nevada Celebration ale

    Done and done.

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