Wachusett Nut Brown Ale

wachusett nut brown

Decided to go back to my roots tonight by cracking open a Nut Brown Ale from Wachusett Brewery. I have had two of their beers recently, the Milk Stout and Larry (a double IPA), and have been very happy with both.

This beer pours incredibly clear, I am able to see right through it. The body is a deep brown with an off white, foamy head that last for a few minutes until dissipating to a small layer of fine bubbles on top. Amazing rings of lacing stuck on the walls of the glass as I drank this one down. The aroma was very nutty, as expected, but there was also some nice caramel and a little bit of brown sugar mixed in. Even though there was no discernable hop aroma, there was a slight citrus flavor in the beer.  The hops quickly faded to a maltier flavor profile dominated by nuts, doughy bread, and some toasted grains.

The other surprising aspect with this beer is its weight. It drinks a little fuller than I thought it would, so having more than one or two might actually be tough. Another good beer from Wachusett, with one more in the fridge can they go 4-4?

Flavor: B

Drinkability: B

ABV: 5.2%

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