Wachusett “Milk Stout”

I hadn’t heard of this one before and had to grab it as soon as I saw it.  Apparently I was sleeping in for it’s September launch.  Wachusett makes some great beers (Country & Winter Ales? Yes please.) and I love sweet stouts.  For me, an awesome beer is full bodied with a nice balance of sweetness and a dry bitterness.  At 5.8% ABV it’s not quite a light beer but it’s certainly on the lighter end for it’s “weight class”.

My horrible pour, pictured below, aside, it’s a nice, dark color with a deep, khaki color head.  Large aroma and flavors of chocolate with a nice bit of roasted coffee.  This is a great beer between BBC’s Coffeehouse Porter and Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.  If you like Rogue’s Chocolate Stout then you’ll love this beer.

Flavor: A  

Drinkability: B+/A-

ABV 5.8%

wachusett milk stout

3 comments on “Wachusett “Milk Stout”

  1. Had this one two weeks ago and thought it was fantastic as well. Lots of chocolate and a hint of coffee, which is how I like it. The price is also a huge plus, I think I bought my bottle for $3.99 at Julios.

  2. Tried this one for the first time last night and have to agree with your review (and Matt’s comment). Incredible bargain and great tasting. This is a "gateway" stout in my book… a dark beer a light beer drinker might enjoy. Thanks for the reco!

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