Wachusett Larry, not quite legendary, but darn good.

Wachusett Brewing Company is a somewhat understated local craft brewery. If you’ve ever taken a tour, and you are a techie / geek / hack like me, you can really appreciate engineering that has gone into that brewhouse.


Most of their equiptment is repurposed, or custom built. You can clearly tell this is a shop built by engineers, with form over function. They seem to pump out a fair amount of volume for a regional craft brewer, over 15k barrels a year. All the while seeming to have a fairly tame if not unimpressive list of beers. Larry very much fits that mold, it’s a very well made double, that flys under the radar of most craft beer lovers.¬†However it seems lately they are trying to liven up their line up, getting in on the exciting beer trend. Having released an imperial pumpkin last fall, a black ipa this spring, as well as increasing production and distrobution of Larry. It can now be found in the box of brews in 12 oz form.

Now to what matters, the beer, it has my favorite IPA orange color, a thin but lacey head. Nice Piney, resinous, aroma. It’s hoppy, but not the citrus punch, or grapefruit bitter you get from some of the other new england, west coast style doubles that we know and love. It doesn’t have too much risidual sugar, or an overly bitter after taste. It’s a really nicely made double IPA.

Vitals: Served at 50 in a shaker. Poured from a 22oz bottle. 7.5% ABV, 85 IBU.

Taste: B+ Well attenuated with piney resinous hop flavor.

Appearance: B+ I’m a big fan of the golden orange IPA color, could use a little more head & retention.

Packaging: B Understated, with good info such as history, and vitals, best by.

Value: A- Hard to find a better deal on a very good double IPA, at as low as 4.99 for a bomber.

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