Wachusett Green Monster IPA

I love Wachusett’s Larry so I was super excited to come home tonight to a present of their Green Monster IPA! It pours a deep amber, with a super thick head. Smells slightly of citrus, but not a strong nose for me (nb: I have a terrible sense of smell.)

Taste is DELICIOUS! Not as big a kick as a Larry, but really clean and fresh! the perfect beer to drink while watching a game. Now how do we get them to sell this at Fenway?!

Definitely recommended!

Style: American IPA
ABV: 6%


3 comments on “Wachusett Green Monster IPA

  1. I’m a big fan of this beer and agree with your "clean" comment. A+ beer… although I like the old/original label better.

  2. Had this one years ago when it was the old recipe (English IPA). Need to get the new version next time I am up north.

  3. Had this for the first time on Yawkey Way on Patriot’s Day, and liked it. I haven’t seen the original label, but knowing me, I’d probably like it better too.

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