Uinta Trader Session IPA


Session Ipas are all the rage these days, I started to notice them last year. I was shocked to find this beer predates the fad by at least 12 years. In 2002 it won a bronze in the IPA category. Looking at the label, clearly this brand has undergone a fairly recent refreshing. With modern simplicity, and the bottle receives the same treatment featuring a compass rose.

IMG 3262

 Pours with little head with a vigorous pour. Light Copper color, and low broken head. Slight hoppy aroma. Light body, moderate bitterness, and not a ton of hop flavor. It’s clearly a beer designed not to blow out your palate, so you can enjoy a few. If you didn’t tell me it was 4%, I’d not guess, it feels like a bigger abv pale. It is missing the big hop flavor punch I like in beers like this, and I’m not getting enough hop aroma, but both of those might be fatiguing over time. I’d definitely drink this again, I can see drinking this at a bbq for an afternoon. 
IMG 3259

The Label includes the ABV, best by date, and serving recommendation. I always like to see more ingrediant details such as hop variety.

IMG 3260


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