Triple Play IPA from Lawson’s Finest Liquids


When I noticed Aaron posted about a Vermont beer last night, I was compelled to break out this one and give it a proper review. I haven’t been able to try too many of Lawson’s fine liquids, but I’ve been excited to give this one a try since my sister gave it to me a few weeks back.

Triple Play IPA is an American IPA brewed and dry hopped with three different hop varieties – Citra, Simcoe and Centennial. It pours a hazy orange with an ample head that leaves a nice lacing on the glass.


The first smell is rich citrus, grapefruit and pine (as expected). It’s not “stinky” like some other IPA/2xIPA from the NEK of VT, but it’s got a great aroma.

The first taste brings mango and grapefruit, dancing across my tongue on tiny bubbles. The balance in this beer is phenomenal. From first taste to the last, it’s just smooth and great tasting. It opened up a little as it warmed, bringing out more pine than citrus, but I’ve noticed that tends to happen with most IPAs.


I don’t hestitate to give this my highest recommendation. It’s a highly drinkable, great example of what an IPA should be. Love. This. Beer.

Vital Stats: Served at 45F into my trusty tulip glass. 7% ABV. Generously hopped.

Taste: A. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better American IPA.

Drinkability: A-. The ABV is the only knock. It’s on the high end of IPAs and will eventually knock you on your ass.

Packaging: B…. is for Basic. It’s old school, but lacking detailed info about the brewer/beer.

Value: A+. Any time you are given a beer like this as a gift, it’s a GREAT VALUE!!

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