That Rascal Fezziwig

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Every year at this time I face one of my most difficult beer buying decisions: do I purchase the Samuel Adams Winter Classics 12-pack when the only beer I care about in there is Old Fezziwig Ale?

Normally I take the plunge with the hope I can grab the Fezziwigs for myself and pawn the other beers off on house guests with less discriminating beer tastes. This year I’m debating whether this makes me a bad host.

What say you, fellow craft beer lovers? Is Old Fezziwig worth the price when he brings his ugly stepsisters to the party?

Conflicted In Westborough

11 comments on “That Rascal Fezziwig

  1. Can you possibly gift the rest of the beer on less-discerning palettes? I can think of a lot of people that would love a Winter Ale wrapped up in a big red bow!

  2. I need to give the Fezziwig another try. I don’t think I’ve ever really given it a chance. I wonder if you can get it solo if you made the trek into the brewery? Might be worth the trip if you can.

  3. There’s no need for them to know you’ve reserved the Fezziwigs for your good self. I don’t think there are too many houseguests who’d turn their noses up at you for proffering a cold Samuel Adams of any variety.

  4. Thanks Shannon & Jim, I like both your suggestions! Our buddy @MattUD talked me through some things last night. He reminded me that the Chocolate Bock & the Porter are both quality beers that are on the level of some of the other craft beers we enjoy. The White Ale is a throwaway for me, and the Winter & Boston Lager are just "meh". But $11.99 (current price at Julio’s) for a quality 6-pack doesn’t sound as bad as paying that same price for just 2 Fezziwigs. I was also telling Matt how ironic it is that Sam Adams was my introduction to craft beer back in college, yet today in my mind I lump them in with the industry giants. I think it’s the classic case of a brand becoming so (WARNING: SAT word) ubiquitous that it loses its luster. The reality is that Sam Adams probably makes better beer than I give them credit for.

  5. Chad – We’re in the with our relationship with Sam Adams. I’m currently enamored with all things Anderson Valley and other CA breweries, but in a blind taste test of similar styles I’m sure Sam Adams would be right there with them. It’s good to have the industry’s pioneer in our neck of the woods. More importantly, do you think MattUD would be interested in joining our little movement here on CBS? The more the merrier.

  6. I think the January CBS event should be a taste test night. I propose a panel of 4-5 discerning beer drinkers, and range of similar styles of beer for them to taste and rate blindly. I bet a bar like Cambridge Common would fully support this kind of activity. Of course the rest of the night’s attendees would be drinking and heckling at close distance!

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