Strange Bedfellows: Acer Quercus


Derek was kind enough to bring this one by tonight for a taste. Apparently it was birthday gift from his brother-in-law… and a fine gift indeed! He went so far as to not turn the heat on in the car ride over to try to keep it at the correct drinking temperature (what a guy!). 

It’s a collaboration between The Breury and Lawson’s Finest Liquids, California and Vermont… strange bedfellows. 

Nice nose in the bottle, with strong maple, brown sugar and hints of dried fruit. Pours a beautiful hazelnut color with a nice head that dissipates relatively quickly. 

Complex first taste with subtle bourbon qualities and a strong hit of oak in the mid palette. Alcohol is there throughout, warning you not to overindulge. This one is a great cold weather beer, with enough of a backbone to keep you warm when the temperature drops below freezing. Bottle size (750ml) is perfect for sharing, which seems like the right thing to do. 

Ale brewed with maple syrup and oak cubes. 

Taste: B+. Neither of us were willing to give this one anything in the A category. Too oddball. 

Drinkability: B-. This beer has a definitely has a “kick you in the ass” quotient. As it warms the nose really opens up, but the taste flattens out. Drink it with a friend is our advice. 

Vitals: 9.5% ABV. 750ml bottle served between 45-50F in a glass. 


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  1. I find them at my local store (amazing craft beer selection and he posts new arrivals on Facebook and Twitter as they come in), but sometimes you need to get them at the source. Some of the NH/VT brewers are still so small that you can only get them direct, but that’s beginning to change. I’ve got to imagine you can find a great craft beer store in Austin. Central Market looks like it might be the place.

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