Step (Back) Into Christmas

scaldis noel

The snow of the last few days inspired me to break out one of the more unusual and rare beers I picked up up north. The Scaldis Noël is only an 8.5 oz bottle, but at 12% ABV, it’s by no means small in terms of taste.
This is really more of an after-dinner or dessert beer given its sweetness and alcohol content. It’s remarkably smooth given the ABV as well. Caramel, some nice roasty malts, raisins and plums or maybe cherries all in evidence in this medium-bodied ale.

This would be a perfect ale to have a few of on hand to share with guests after Christmas dinner, and indeed that’s what the label description suggests. I think I’ll try to find some next year for just that purpose.


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  1. That sounds like a good one. 2011 might be the "Year of the Belgians" for me. While I’m still finding my way around the good breweries in the US, I’ve have a solid foundation for further study. When it comes to the beers of Belgium, I’m a neophyte. With that said, I went with an old standby tonight… Founders Breakfast Stout.

  2. That’s a good ‘un, Jim (Founders). The Scaldis was suggested by the folks at Winooski Beverage. They usually have great recommendations. Year of the Belgians has a nice ring to it. I’d do the same for German beers gladly, but they are for whatever reason a lot harder to come by over here outside of the big breweries. I’d love to be able to get my hands on something from Hausbrauerei Feierling to share with the group, for example, but I think the only way to do that would be a very expensive roadtrip.

  3. If we’re coming up with ideas for "very expensive roadtrips", why not a tour of Belgian breweries? That would be so appropriate for the Year of the Belgians!

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