Smuttynose Ry(e)an Ale


Loved the look of this beer as I poured it. Deep red hue and great two finger head. Definitely smell the bourbon barrel on the nose… very pronounced. First taste is a bourbon bomb, so much so that it got me wondering if I’ve had enough experience with bourbon barrel aged beers to offer enough perspective? I’ve had bourbon barrel aged stout, but not sure about something lighter.

I enjoyed this beer, but the bourbon barrel taste was a bit stronger than I thought it should have been. It was just so up front that it was hard to taste much else in the beer. I’m going to seek out another bottle to see if it’s just my neophyte palate playing tricks on me. Worth a try to see what you think. Thanks to Chad for sharing this one with me! I love trying new stuff.

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  1. What did you think? (no offense taken if you didn’t like it) I’m enjoying my first one right now. Might be drinking it too fast, but it’s going down smoothly. 😉

  2. I had another one of these last night (thanks Chad) and loved it. I don’t know if it’s the maturation of my palate or a mellowed beer, but it had a really complex favor profile that just kept me coming back for more. The flavors deepened as it warmed… such an interesting beer. I would love to put one of these up in the cellar and see what it’s like after sitting for a year or two.

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