Sierra Nevada “Estate Homegrown Wet Hop Ale”

sierra estate

Hmm.  I’m not sure where to go with this review but it’s going to be short – it was a good beer, for sure, but would I pay $20 for it again?  No, definitely not.  I love the concept of this beer (all home grown, organic, sustainable, yada yada yada) but is it worth a 200% price increase?  No.

It was a nice looking beer with strong hops aroma but @PeteKuhn and I were certainly expecting more of a hoppy taste – so much so that we had a discussion as to whether this should be labeled as a “regular” ale or IPA.

My advice, pass on this beer.  If you’re looking for an IPA, my favorites are Ithica’s Flower Power and Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA.  If you’re looking for a sustainable beer, check out those made by Colorado-based New Belgium Brewing.  And if you’re hell-bent on Sierra Nevada (they’re a great brewery after all) check out their Celebration Ale or Porter.


Drinkability: B

Vital stats: 6.7% ABV

4 comments on “Sierra Nevada “Estate Homegrown Wet Hop Ale”

  1. I had been contemplating picking this one, but a friend of mine had a similar review of it. That makes it 0-2, so I will pass, but in Delaware it’s only going for $12. I have heard much better things about there Northern and Southern Hemisphere beers, which are considerably cheaper as well.

  2. I liked the idea behind this beer – and was following its process for some time. Was bummed to find out how limited it was out East, and impressed that Solar found one. $20 is pushing it, but some beers have to be tried. Being ‘fresh hop’ I really expected something more out of this one – like the Hemisphere series which can really be astoundingly good. This was just.. good. Sweeter than expected, and while it had a solid array of hops, it wasn’t enough to make a serious impression. I would say the unique-ness and overall aptitude of Sierra to produce it are what make this brew noteworthy. To source all of your ingredients on your own grounds is a truly impressive feat. And like estate wines – it always costs the consumer.

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