Shandy time with Saranac

Saranac has been a craft beer presence as long as I have known of beer made by brewers other than BMC. I honestly overlook them along with a few other north east regionals simply because they all seem to be making the same old pales and other English styles. Once in a while I’ll snag a few bottles when they do something interesting, when I stopped at the new craft beer store in my town and saw something new from saranac in a can, I had to try it. I’ve been on a bit of a session beer kick, and seeing Lager and Lemonaide I thought this might hit the spot. I also have a soft spot these days for sour beers.

The can is simple and uninformative showing no abv, best by, or other descriptive info, beside telling me this was lager and lemonaide. I pretty much always want to know ABV, IBU, and when it should be consumed by. I poured the shandy into a pint mason jar. The appearance is crystal clear and golden with a quickly fading head. The aroma is sulfury, but not overwhelmingly so. The first sip is overly sweet, beside the carbonation, and a mild lager after taste, I barely get any beer in the beverage. I am far from a shandy expert, I have only had a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy years ago, but I recall it being more beer and less soda like. If you happen to drink sweeter beverages, this might be for you, but if you are looking for a crisp refreshing summer quench, this is not it.




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