Sam Adams “Infinium”

This might be one of the most confusing (or complex?) beers I’ve ever had. Really carbonated – the girls confused it for champagne and questioned why we were drinking it by the pint. The aroma is really yeasty – disgustingly so, in my opinion (Tim liked it). As for flavor, interesting. It tastes like cider with a hint of spoiled beer. Overall, I didn’t have very high expectations for this beer, and they were met. Really impressive and complex, but not for me. Flavor: C-
Drinkability: D+


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  1. While I was a bit underwhelmed as this was touted as the nectar of the Gods by Jim Koch, I didn’t dislike it quite as much. It’s just a bit too champagne-like for me. I’m disappointed that’s the route they chose to go in this collaboration with the folks at Weihenstephan. A collaboration by two brewing legends such as this should have produced something truly special. I think instead they went for unusual and perhaps a little highfalutin. Too bad.

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