Rock Art Brewery’s Jasmine Pale Ale

I actually tried this beer in December which is when I’m writing this review, but I’m going to delay the publication of this post until the spring.  Why?  Try the beer and you’ll understand the reasons for the delay; you would not go shopping for this beer between September and March.  This is a warm weather, enjoy one on the deck on a beautiful summer evening beer.

Head was modest, but dissipated pretty quickly.  First off, this beer smells great, but I’m immediately wishing I’d had this on hand to try over the summer.  Not a cold weather beer by the smell of it.  Very floral smells, light and airy.  I’m assuming I’m getting jasmine in there (though I have no idea what that smells like), fresh cut grass, dandelions(?).  

It’s moderately carbonated with a fairly light body.  Taste is right there with the smell, with maybe some mineral flavors coming through.  Some slight breadiness at the end and a slightly bitter finish.  Overall this beer would be nice on a warm summer evening out on the deck, but I’d want to share this bomber with someone.  One pint is a nice refreshing way to mix it up in summer, but that’s all I’d want.  

Taste:  B-  Interesting, but ultimately not one I’d seek out regularly.  Maybe with some refining of the recipe they’d have an oddball beer I’d want to back to again (ala Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale).  This one I may try again when the weather warms up.  Give it a shot this summer which is when I think it’ll shine.

Drinkability:  A-  Goes down easy, but I don’t see you wanting two.  It’s light, refreshing, easy to drink, but I don’t see most people wanting a second.  Good to prepare the palette for something more substantial maybe. 

Label:  B+  Label looks like the beer tastes and they include some back story on their inspiration for the beer.  Always like to see that.

Vitals:  Poured from a 22 oz. bottle into a pint glass at about 45F.  5.0% ABV



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