Pretty Things Jack D’or

jack dor

I’ve been avoiding this bottle in my fridge for the last couple of months. I’ve been on a stout kick with the snow and winter weather and a “saison americain” just didn’t seem like the right beer for the times. But every time I opened the fridge it looked at me and said “I’m not getting any younger in here.”* Well, I finally relented and am glad I did.


It poured a bright, beautiful pale yellow color with a thick, billowing head. It’s amazingly clear – so clear I think I could read a book through it! Perhaps I’m being overly dramatic since I’ve been looking at a lot of dark, murky beers lately. The head stuck around for a while, forming some nice lace on the glass. I’d give the appearance an A+.


It smells great! Flowers and citrus really coming through. The first taste makes sense after the nose, nice hops backbone and subtle malt. A little funky finish (in a good way), with a hint of honey. I will make a habit of keeping a couple of these on hand at all times. Jack D’or is a good choice when you want to break out a craft beer for a friend that’s just getting into it.


Taste: B+ (maybe it’s the season talking here?)
Drinkability: A- (I like a little funk in the trunk and this one delivers, but it might not be for everyone).
Vitals: 22oz bomber, served at ~40F. 6.4% ABV. 45 IBUs.
*April 2010 stamped on the bottle

4 comments on “Pretty Things Jack D’or

  1. One of my favorite beers period. I am about halfway through the Pretty Things beers, and while all have been good, this one was the best so far.

  2. We seem to be going against the seasonal grain quite a bit lately. I like it! I’d like to try this one again based on your write-up; it didn’t blow my doors in the first time I tried it.

  3. Yep… I remember trying this six months ago and not thinking it was all that, but the more beers I’ve tried the more this starts to seem like a standout. In other news, Pretty Things KK has me wrapped around it’s little finger. If you haven’t tried that one yet, I’d make it a priority. I have a couple bottles in the basement, aging.

  4. Funny you should enjoy this tonight, last night while out I had my first jack d’or as well. I’d picked up a bomber earlier in the week, but when I saw it on draft I had to try it. I found it well crafted, the head was nice, the aroma while not hoppy was quite estery, giving a fresh fruity smell. My initial taste I was hoping for something more fruity or crisp, but as I finished the glass it really came around and I really enjoyed it. I have now had hedge row bitter, kk, and this and this is my favorite, but all are well worth drinking. Very cool to have a good crafty local beer.AO

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