Otter Creek Black IPA


Got to try Otter Creek’s Black IPA today at the birthday party of a one-year old!

This was my first black IPA and I steeled myself for the worst as I’ve heard mixed things, but I loved it! Definitely not a session beer (for me at least) but easy to drink with a lot of interesting flavors.

Pours a beautiful brown with a great head (the solo cup wasn’t the ideal vessel but got the job done!) Really rich flavor, roasty with coffee hints. Has a bitter finish that wasn’t for everyone – brave party-goers voted in favor of it 7-3.

I’d recommend this as a good fall beer if you’re looking for something a little more seasonal than your traditional IPA but aren’t quite ready for a stout/porter. I would drink again!


Brewed by:
Otter Creek Brewing
Vermont, United States

American Black Ale
6.00% ABV

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