Notch Session Pils: Gateway Beer?


This weekend I attended an evening family event for my wife’s 20th college reunion. As I checked out the sparse bar, I was given three beer options:

  1. Sam Adams Boston Lager
  2. Sam Adams Summer
  3. Notch Session Pils

Since I was tasked with driving home I went with the Notch and lowered my expectations. I was not expecting much. To my great surprise, I REALLY enjoyed this beer. It’s light, crisp and has just enough hops to make it interesting. I can’t see myself drinking this all the time, but when I want to have a light, interesting beer on hand for the Bud drinkers, this should fit the bill. I’m going to give this try at a gathering we’re throwing next weekend to see what they think.

Gateway beer?? Just maybe. Lawnmower beer?? Hell yes!

Have you tried it? Do you agree?

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