Wormtown Brewery’s Hopulence DIPA

I’d heard great things about Wormtown from our fellow CBS contributor Chad, so when I spotted one of their offerings on the shelf at Redstone, I grabbed it.  Bonus that it was a Double IPA and I could review it for IPA Day!  I also picked up a bottle of the highly-regarded Be Hoppy IPA, but as that’s already been reviewed, I’m trying this one tonight.  Again, local beer, I want to like this…here goes.


Pours a very nice copper color with a nice foamy head that hangs around and laces nicely on the glass.  Not an overpowering nose but I picked up mostly tropical fruit notes.  None of the heady notes you find in some beers of this style.

On the first sip you’re hit with a ton of VERY citrusy hops.  The nose belies what lies beneath.  I was actually taken aback by how ‘tart’ this beer is.  Almost lip-puckeringly so.  Slightly more carbonated than I’d prefer and a fair degree of bitterness at the end which isn’t really my thing.  The hop flavor lingers at the back of your palate. 


Overall, a good double IPA, but given how many superb takes on this style we’ve tried, this one doesn’t quite stack up given some of the other options out there.  But as Wormtown is a local brewery, I am looking forward to trying more of their product and perhaps make a trip to the brew pub in the near future.

Vitals: Served in a tulip glass at 45F. 8.5% ABV, 120 IBU’s and you’ll taste every one of them.

Taste: B. A nice DIPA, but at the end of the day, a little too bitter at the finish for my liking.  Not enough malt to balance out the hops. 

Drinkability: C.  This is really subjective, but given the ABV and the bitterness, I don’t see wanting more than one glass of this in a sitting.  This is a bottle to share with a friend in my view. 

Packaging: B. Informative label, but a little ho-hum otherwise. 

Value:  I’ll have to back-fill this one.


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