Review at the source: @CiscoBrewers Super Hopped Indie IPA


I stopped by Cisco Brewers this weekend to check out what was on tap and visit their new raw bar (and hot dog stand – they definitely know their audience!) I wanted to try a few new things (including their XVII Anniversary lager, which will show up in a different post) and in honor of #IPADay decided on the “Super Hopped Indie Pale Ale” as my first drink of the day.


I’d read a bit about how they were trying to make an East meets West, suppy hoppy IPA and I think they’ve made a nice beer but not totally suceeded. It pours a rich amber with a nice head and had great grapefruit aroma and a nice citrusy/hoppy taste. Had a slight bitter end, and was very smooth to drink. While it’s a hoppy IPA it didn’t had the real dank punch at some great ones have. I did like it, and I’d definitely pick up a six pack of the to share at a party with other hops-lovers.


Vitals: Poured on tap at Cisco Brewers into a plastic cup. 7.58% ABV

Taste: A-. Super delicious. Big grapefruit nose, tons of hops with a grapefruity, almost sweet taste. Very bitter end.

Drinkability: B+. This is a solid IPA. I wouldnt be able to drink more than two but a six pack would be perfect to share.

Packaging: B. I drank this on tap, but checked out the bottles they had on hand. Looked like a Cisco beer: high on brand identity, low on excitement.


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