Moat Mountain East Intervale IPA

If you have young children and you live in northern New England chances are you’ve probably made a trip to North Conway New Hampshire to visit Storyland. And if you have visited Storyland chances are you’ve also felt the need to have a beer or two afterwards. We’ve made this pilgrimage with our kids the last several years and have found a great restaurant nearby, Moat Mountain which also brews their own beers.


Tonight I tried their East Intervale IPA. Very mellow flavors, and the hop profile was not aggressive at all. Subtlety all around. I’d call this beer an intro to intro IPAs. Those seeking a hop blast would be better off going with their Iron Mike Pale Ale.

For those interested in fruity beers, the ladies enjoyed Ms V’s Blueberry Ale. I’ll take their word for it.

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