Meadowlark IPA is a @PrettyBeer


There are so many great American IPAs out there, it’s hard to excited about trying another one. But this is from Pretty Things – it’s got to be good, right?

Meadowlark pours a deep orange and forms a nice head that hangs around for a while and leaves nice lacing on the glass. I’m in the habit of going with a rough pour in the hope of bringing out some of the interesting smells and flavors that might stay hidden with a careful pour. This beer is very citrusy on the nose, I actually got a sweet/citrus that smelled distinctly like tangerine juice.

The taste isn’t completely in line with the smell, less citrus and more pine and bitterness. The malt is there, but doesn’t come to the front like I find with beers like Racer 5.

This is a very enjoyable IPA… not the hop bomb of some other IPAs, but a very solid and fresh addition to the local line-up. You should seek it out before it’s all gone. Given the price, it’s a very good value for a local (to MA) IPA.

Vital Stats: Served at 45F in a tulip glass. 7.0% ABV.

Taste: B+. I’d be very happy if someone brought this over to drink with me.

Drinkability: B+. Enjoyable and gone before you know it.

Packaging: All the info you need and then some. Love the instructions: “Pour into your favorite cowboy glass and enjoy. No frills required, you can drink it out of the bottle if you need to, you saddle-weary, elbow-lifting traveler.”


3 comments on “Meadowlark IPA is a @PrettyBeer

  1. I was as eager to see the review as I’ve been to drink a bottle myself. Picked up on a few weeks ago, and finally sat down to _really_ enjoy it. I think you undersold this, it’s really good, and while reasonably priced. I do wish I could get Pretty things in 6 packs because their beer is generally that drinkable, and leaves me wanting more later in the week.AO

  2. I did ask @prettybeer, and their response was their bottling line doesn’t support it. Which I find odd, but, what do I know. As for the beer, as I understand it’ll be back next year, but due to hop shortages (citra) it’s not something they could put on year round at least at this point. I’m guessing as supply stabilizes it could make year round rotation.

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