Maine Beer Company “Peeper Ale”

Hadn’t heard of this one before but Tim B (of Colonial Spirits fame) brought it over tonight.

Interesting beer. Huge hops & pine aroma but not as much flavor to back it up. Really strong alcohol in the mid-taste even though it’s only about 5.3% ABV – almost like a Tanguray gin. I’d love to try other beers from them, but wouldn’t buy this one.

Flavor: B-
Drinkability: B
Vitals: 5.3% ABV(?)


5 comments on “Maine Beer Company “Peeper Ale”

  1. Damn. I picked what I thought as the most esoteric beer in the ‘just in not on the shelf’ box at Redstone and you beat me to it! I’ll try it later this week and compare notes. Doesn’t sound too promising though.

  2. Interesting, I have had three bottles of this, and I found none of them to be very alcoholic. I really like this beer a lot, found the flavors to be great and the drinkability to be very high. I am interested to see what @Peplau and @Chadnorthrup think of this one. For the record, I do like their Zoe more.

  3. Peplau… sorry. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.Matt A – Maybe I should give it another shot, I just wasn’t that wowed by it. I’m impartial to Maine beers though, so I’ll definitely be buying their other beers.

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