Magic Hat “Howl”

I’m not a fan of Magic Hat for various reasons, although I have to admit that #9 was one of the first craft beers I bought in Boston back when it came out.  When I opened this beer I was a bit surprised.

This pours really dark – you can just barely see a bit of light through the edges when held up in front of a lamp.  Much darker than I expected and with a very small head that didn’t linger very long.  It smells a bit like roasted coffee beans but much less than I would expect for a winter beer, let alone one so dark.  It tastes more like a brown ale without any noticeable spices.  It has some bitterness to it but there was nothing that stood out.  It was a bit boring.

As far as winter beers go, this is certainly on the lighter side.  It’s light flavor and body are unusual and I would have liked it more if it had more of both.  It’s possibly the best Magic Hat beer I’ve had but I certainly wouldn’t consider putting it on tap.
Flavor: C+
Drinkability: B
Vital stats: 4.6% ABV,
Courtesy of @PeteKuhn


howl 1howl 2

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