Local Lager: @JacksAbby’s Hoponius Union (India Pale Lager)


At craftbeer social, we love supporting local breweries, and Jack’s Abby is definitely that.  Based right here in Framingham, these guys specialize in lagers sourced from local ingredients.  Jim was nice enough to share this one with me which I’d been meaning to pick up.  I’d actually met Jack, Eric, and Sam Hendler, the three brothers who founded Jack’s Abby back in November at a Movember Foundation event put on by the folks over at Deep South of Boston.  The brothers are clearly passionate about what they do, and are producing some great product.  This beer is no exception.

Hoponious Union is an India Pale Lager, and as such I didn’t know what to expect.  It’s a very clear golden pour (it’s a lager, remember) with a foamy head which dissipated relatively quickly.  This beer smells very nice but not overpowering.  Floral hops, citrus and pine.  

Nice hoppy character as you’d expet with some bready malts and citrus.  I picked up a hint of sweetness as it warmed as well. A little bitterness towards the end, but where the hops tend to linger with IPA’s, this IPL has a nice clean finish.  Very refreshing and highly sessionable.  Glad I went out on the IPL limb if you can find it, give it a try.  It’s a nice alternative to the traditional IPA, and it’s always nice to see a local brewery produce good product.

Vital Stats: Half liter bottle served at 45F in a Jack’s Abby pint glass I picked up last November at the DSOB event. 6.7% ABV and 65 IBU’s.

Taste: B+. I’ll definitely get this again, I think it’d be very nice to enjoy on the porch on a warm summer night. 

Drinkability: A. The lager pedigree definitely sets it above most any IPA you could name in terms of drinkability.  Lots of nice hops, but smooth as silk to drink. 

Packaging: B-. Love all the information provided about both the beer and the brewery (this is how you do it, folks!), but the design’s not all that exciting.  This is one thing I think they CAN improve with this beer.


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  1. Kyle – You might have some in a package coming to Regan soon. Focus your beer calories elsewhere when you’re in town. Waterbury, VT would be a good destination. 🙂

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