Life is uncertain. Don’t sip: Lagunitas Brown Shugga’


A year after I missed out on trying Lagunitas Sucks! I’m still sad. When I saw a six-pack of Brown Shugga’ at my local beer store I picked it up, not wanting to miss out on this holiday release. I’m normally a hops-lover, but as the weather turns colder I like to sample some more robust ales and stouts, and I think Brown Shugga’ is a great example of a solid ale to keep stocked for visitors.


It pours a gorgeous coppery golden color with a big foamy head. This might be attributed to poor pouring on my part. Even my non-beer drinking boyfriend said “That doesn’t look like a proper pour.” As the head calmed down it left a beautiful thick lace along the glass.


The first sip was pinier than I expected, the hops were a pleasant surprise. As the beer warmed up each sip became maltier with tasty caramel, and yes, brown sugar notes. I really enjoyed this ale. It’s the perfect beer to try out on less outwardly adventurous drinkers; at first sip it’s pretty accessible, but over the course of the glass it becomes more complex. I’d definitely recommend this, but am still eagerly awaiting the return of Lagunitas Sucks!


Vitals:  Poured from a 12oz bottle into a pint  glass straight out of the (regular*) fridge. 9.9% ABV

Taste:  B+  Tasty ale with a nice warm finish.  An ale is never my first choice, but I’d definitely recommend to ale drinkers, or to an IPA lover like me looking to sample something more winter-appropriate while still getting your hops fix.

Drinkability B+  I didn’t realize until after I’d finished the glass that it is 9.9% ABV. Doesn’t have a strong alcohol taste at all, but it sneaks up on you.

Packaging  I love all the Lagunitas labels. Nothing fancy, but strong brand aesthetics with the usual fun tidbits: “Life is uncertain. Don’t sip.”


Value:  B+  $10.99 for a six pack. I think this is a good value for a solid beer.


*In very exciting news we recently purchased a separate small fridge just for my beer collection! Merry early christmas to me!

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