Lagunitas Sucks Less (by brewing this beer)


The only reason I’m drinking this beer is because of my friend and collaborator Derek’s review earlier this week. After reading it I was compelled to find the beer (and try it), but unfortunately couldn’t find it anywhere. Eventually I was able to track some down and after a late night mission, had some cooling in my beer fridge. 

I’m not going to go into great depth about this beer, Derek already did a fantastic job in his review. I will say this is one of the best smelling IPA’s I’ve come across. The citrus on the nose is absolutely over the top. I was smelling orange rind, grapefruit and lime… just amazing! I thought the taste didn’t quite live up to the promise of the smell, but this is still an excellent beer. Like Derek, I’d like to see this end up in the regular rotation. 


I also want to give a shout out to friend and collaborator Shannon, who hand etched some very nice Craft. Beer. Social. pint glasses for the crew. I was determined to be the first to log a review in the new glass and it looks like I pulled it off. 😉

Taste: B+. The smell alone almost got this into the A-range. 

Drinkability: B+. This is a pretty big beer. I’m not slurring my speech, but I’m close.

Vital Stats: ~45F into my beautiful CBS glass. 7.85% ABV. 63.21 IBUs. 


Edit: I was reminded that friend and collaborator Bill was actually the first to suggest this might be a good beer to seek out. Maybe it was the photo he included in his missive that caused me to erase the recommendation from my memory? 


3 comments on “Lagunitas Sucks Less (by brewing this beer)

  1. Glad you found some, Jim. The quest is sometimes half the fun and it probably tastes just a little bit better in consequence. I can’t wait to debut my glass this weekend. Shannon, such a great gift. Really impressed you made these yourself. I’ll treasure mine.

  2. After having snagged a bottle in the swap, I thought It would be a disservice to not post my thoughts, while I’ll save the 3rd review of the same beer, I’m really impressed with this one. It came in a 6 pack? I wish I could track one down.. I should really listen to these reviews.The smell is great, the beer is not overly bitter, or malty, I really like the hop flavors that this beer brings w/out being super bitter.

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