Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout


Perhaps it’s the harshness of this winter we’ve experienced here in New England, but I’ve been trying a lot more stouts and porters this year than is my custom. Tonight’s selection, the Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout, continues that trend.

It pours a dark (but not pitch) brown, with a moderate head (though I was careful…had a few sloppy pours recently and waiting for a thick head to subside isn’t much fun). BIG coffee aromas present as you’d expect, but also chocolate, and banana. Light to moderate carbonation but a thinner mouth feel than I’d like in a coffee stout (or really a stout in general). That “chewiness” I expected for a beer that smells as big as this one just wasn’t there.

The taste is one of strong coffee, chocolate, raisins, toffee and banana. Both the smell and the taste actually reminded me of the chocolate-frosted banana bread my mom used to make (not a bad image to conjure!). There’s some bitterness to the finish, but not much. For an 8.8% ABV beer, it’s very easy-drinking, and belies the alcohol content. I really enjoyed this one, despite stouts not being my go-to variety. It’s slightly sweet where it would work as an after dinner beer, but could be enjoyed anytime really.

Stouts and porters have really begun to grow on me since we started CBS, and I’d say this is a great one to have in regular rotation. At $5.99 for the bomber, the price is right too.


Taste: B+
Drinkability: A-
Vitals: 8.8% ABV, served from a 22oz bottle at about 45F.

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