Kicking it new style, with Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA


This is the first of the white IPA style I’ve had, but it won’t be the last. It seems it maybe the hip style of the spring, with Sarnac, Sam Adams, and a few others releasing new offerings in this style. I can’t say I’m disappointed either. While I can take or leave the black IPAs, I’ve always enjoyed wheat beers. So when you combine my new found IPA enjoyment with an old favorite, I’m already sold. 

Now on to the beer. It’s available in 6 packs and the spring brewmasters collection. I opted for the 6, which isn’t something I do too often these days, and I’m glad I did. The beer pours hazy and tangerine like you’d expect from a wheat. It’s easy to get to aggressive with the pour and get a bit more head than desired. I perfer to not rouse the yeast with this one, it seems to have enough haze w/out the added bitterness of suspended yeast. The aroma is citrusy and slightly floral, it’s hard to tell if it’s from the Citra hops, or the orange peel.  The beer is light and crisp, but is very clean, not a lot of risidual sweetness. I was surprized to read there is apricots added to the beer. There is plenty of hop bitterness, there is no mistaking this is an IPA. So, if you like white beers, like Alagash white, and you like IPA’s, and other Dry / hoppy beers, this is a really good beer for you to try. I know I can’t wait to explore the style more, and will be enjoying this one a few more times.

Taste: B+ Hoppy, citrusy, and spicy like a white beer.   
Drinkability: B I’d like to think you could kick back more than a few of these, but honestly they are too bitter, and too spicy to really sit down and have more than a few. 
Packaging: C Your typical boring Sam Adams label design, little info about what’s in the bottle. 
Details: 5.8%ABV IBUs: 60, served at 45 in a Sam Adams perfect pint.



2 comments on “Kicking it new style, with Samuel Adams Whitewater IPA

  1. Great review Aaron! I’m not sure if I’d pick this one out of a line up, but it sounds like an interesting brew. The added apricots makes me wonder if it’s reminiscent of Magic Hat #9? I may look for a single of it, because I’m not sure I’d like a whole six-pack. Maybe I can trade you a Nitro for it? 🙂

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