I’m a (Stone) Lukcy Basartd

You might wonder why you haven’t seen any new posts from me lately. I’m not going to lie: it’s been a rough week for me. After Sunday’s horrific Patriots loss, I figured I’d be able to turn my attention to the Celtics and enjoy some fine craft beer to drown my sorrows this week. WRONG. Monday night slammed me with the stomach flu, and I’ve been in recovery mode pretty much ever since.

But as I look back at this week, I realize it wasn’t a total loss. My good buddy and fellow CraftBeerSocial contributor @MattUD sent me a bottle of his amazing Chocolate Milk Stout (review to come on that very soon!); my co-workers supported me without question when I had to spend most of the middle of the week in bed recovering; my amazing wife Katie was there for me the entire way, easily handling all the kid & household duties when I couldn’t lift much more than a finger to swipe on my iPhone screen; and I got to spend tonight watching the Celtics and taking goofy photos with my 2 amazing daughters. Granted I hit a rough patch on Monday, but overall things really couldn’t be better.

So tonight I’m going to raise a glass to another great thing I have going in my life: CraftBeerSocial.com and the contributors I’ve come to know and call my friends. And I can’t think of a better beer to drink on this occasion than my current favorite, Stone Lukcy Basartd. It’s hoppy as hell, it’s got a tremendous malt backbone, and drinking it makes feel happy to be alive. I truly am a lucky guy. Cheers!

lukcy bas

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  1. Catching up with all the great posts that have gone up in the past week. I think we’re all feeling pretty lucky Chad. Thanks for diving in and being a part of… well, I’m not sure really. I guess that makes it part of the fun. Enjoying fine beers and sharing what you learn with a cool group of folks. Honored that you’re part of the CBS crew.

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