Hill Farmstead Ephraim

I was really worried about this beer. It’s a growler of Hill Farmstead Ephraim (a triple/double IPA) that’s been in my fridge for over a month. I was told it would be good for two weeks, but beyond that was questionable. So I had questions.

We opened it tonight and it was juuuuuuust fine. Here’s our review (Shannon, Aaron, Jim):

Huge citrus on the nose. We were struck by how much grapefruit there was. We actually enjoyed smelling the empty growler after we polished it off. 

First sip is is full of malt, hops and sweetness. The depth on this beer is amazing, with hints of mango and honey finding there way into the mix. The 10.5 ABV is sneaky, hidden beneath layers and layers of malt & hops.

It’s hard to judge this kind of beer. It’s so good that its hard to describe. Color me a fanboy. 

Taste: A+ (I mean, if you like a hop bomb, this is your beer).
Drinkability: A- (Scary drinkable)
Vital Stats: Served from a growler at 50F in a pint glass. 10.5 ABV. IBU is off the charts.


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