Hill Farmstead Damon


HF DamonThis Christmas, Santa delivered a surprise in the form of a bottle from one of the jewels in the Vermont craft beer crown, Hill Farmstead.  As you may know, getting a bottle of anything from this brewery is pretty difficult, even if you live in Vermont, so its appearance after dinner thanks to my brother-in-law was a very welcome surprise.

Definitely an after-dinner beer this one.  This is a big stout, substantial in every way.  Lots of oak and bourbon notes along with chocolate, vanilla, licorice, and cherries or plums.  It’s got a pretty astringent finish at first, but that mellowed as the beer warmed.  I took my time with this one; a great sipping beer we enjoyed sharing around the table.  I’m not the world’s biggest bourbon fan, but I loved this stout.

When someone has a disappointing beer from these guys, please let us know.

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