High & Mighty Two-Headed Beast

I picked this one up last week and figured I’d give it a try. It’s billed as a “luscious chocolate stout”, so yeah, I’ll like that. Matt’s over so we’re gonna tag team this review.

two headed beast

It pours a deep auburn color with a nice head that hangs around a leaves a nice lace on the glass. IMHO it goes downhill from there. The immediate smell is bitter, more coffee than cocoa. Maybe even burnt toast. The taste is very thin, not stout-like in the least. I don’t know what to make of this beer, so I’m throwing it over to Matt [shaking head].
Anyone that knows me is aware of my bias for small, New England brewers. When Jim pulled this out of his fridge I was psyched. I think his exact comment was, “I haven’t had this yet but I think you’ll love it”. Man, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. If I had to describe this beer it certainly would not include the words “luscious”, “chocolate”, or even “stout” – all words High & Mighty use to describe this beer. I wanted to like this beer. I wanted to compare a beer that could give the dark beer I just reviewed, Wachusetts Milk Stout, [future link here] a run for the money.
The best I can describe this beer is to liken it to the watered-down remains of yesterday’s crappy coffee sitting in that Friendly’s coffee pot. Seriously, it’s that bad. Watery. Bland. No sign of chocolate. I’m curious to read what Jim is writing about this disappointing beer. On a side note, it’s definitely guilt tripping him into breaking out something uber-special.

Taste (Jim): D+ (it actually has a sour component that just made me wince).
Drinkability (Jim): D
Taste (Matt): C-
Drinkability(Matt): C-
Vitals: 4.5% ABV


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