Haverhill Brewery Joshua Norton Imperial Stout #stoutday

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Celebrating Stout day with local imperial stout. This is he first beer I’ve had from Haverhill Brewery, but it won’t be the last, this is a really tasty stout. This happens to be a 2011 bottle, but often stouts of this potency, generally hold up well and can even get better with age.

Haverhill brewery has recently changed their branding to ‘the tap’, I have to say I like the old branding better, more character, more unique. Also their new website is a little slim on details.

It poured pitch black, with very little carbonation. It smells of coffee and smoke, and tastes of the same. It has a thick, slightly slick mouthfeel, with a slight high alcohol taste.

Sipping this over the course of the evening has been quite enjoyable.


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Vitals:  9.3 ABV served in a sam Adams perfect pint from a 22 oz bottle at slightly colder than cellar temp.
Taste:  B  This is good, but there are better less acrid imperial stouts out there.
Drinkability:  B-  Can’t finish a bomber at this ABV.
Value:  B+   This is a very affordable imperial stout. I don’t recall exact price, but more than Berkshire, but less than clown shoes.
Label Design:  B  It’s a pretty plain label, but decent looking. I have no idea what the current branding looks like. It does have ingredient details, and bottle on date, but lacks ABV, and IBU.


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