Getting Hopslam’d by @BellsBrewery


This is a super hoppy craft beer. I put it in an @alchemistbeer glass for a reason. It’s that good. I just wish it wasn’t sooooooooooo hard to get. It’s a @#$%ing seasonal and Bell’s doesn’t distribute to MA (yet), so I depend on friends in far away places to score me a couple bottles and send it my way. The touch of honey adds a nuance you don’t get in many beers. Love it. Get it. 

Vital Stats: 12oz bottle… 10% ABV… stamped 2/9/12…served in a pint glass at 45F. 

Taste: A+. Umm… yeah. 

Drinkability: B-One makes you dizzy. Two…I’m not sure. 

Packaging: A. Love the logo. Minimalist. Badass. 


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