Getting a little smutty with bouncy house

I’ll openly admit I am a homer. I root for laundry, Sox, Bruins, Pats and Celtics. What else would you expect from someone who was born and raised in the same small New Hampshire town and lived his entire life in New England. These local roots are torn When I look at a beer menu, often what’s new and exciting ( unless it’s coming from NEK) is something from outside of New England. When I read about this beer I was truly excited. It is a triple threat. Local, smutty is one of the bigger regional craft brewers in New Hampshire. It’s hoppy, like most craft beer geeks I’m all over hoppy beers. At 4.3 abv it’s really a session beer. Now, could it live up to expectations?20140612-214726-78446665.jpg
It pours light golden orange, with medium head, the laces the glass well. Non distinct, hoppy aroma , meaning I can’t pick out a specific hop. Very clear despite being unfiltered. The right amount of body for a beer of this abv. It’s crisp, but doesn’t taste watered down or wimpy. It’s very dry, and has a strong lingering bitterness.
I’m gonna come out and say it, I wanted a little something different from this beer. I was really hoping for more hop flavor, less bitterness from it. For a beer I going to want to have a few of, this can be a little bracing in the after taste. I had an earlier big bottle release of this, it was a touch stronger, and I feel a bit more balanced. I have had no issue finishing the 6 pack in no time, but I think there are a few more session ipa’s (All day, Go to IPA, Left of the Dial, Day time, easy Jack) I want to try before I find my long-term dance partner.



The label is fun, has a born on date and abv, but doesn’t include IBU, or any ingredient or serving recommendations that I appreciate reading. Overall, I’d certainly drink this again, but I’m still looking for that hoppy session one.


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