Fresh from Texas: Infamous IPA

A package showed up on my doorstep sporting a return address deep in Texas. Anxiously, I bring it inside and carefully open it with a steak knife, inspecting for any signs of leakage. I see nothing and proceed to dig through the bubble wrap to see what’s inside…

Infamous IPAInfamous IPA is a new favorite for one of my best friends (and biggest craft beer aficionados) in Texas and she was excited to share her find. It’s a great example of an American IPA, with a firm malt backbone and plenty of bitter, piney hops. The tropical fruit smell/taste is minimal, but grows as this beer warms. I understand why she has this one on her short list.

Clean, crisp and just the right amount of bitterness, it’s a tasty interpretation of the IPA style… from deep in the heart of Texas.



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