Founders Pale Ale

Founders is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries on the planet. They excel at the BIG stuff: 

  • Double Trouble was a standout and our imperial IPA tasting
  • Breakfast Stout is without question one of my favorite stouts. 
  • Kentucky Breakfast Stout is so coveted people await it's arrival each year like the next coming. 
  • Backwoods Bastard makes beer aficionado BelchingMonkey drool just by mentioning it. 
I'm sure I missed a couple, but you get the point. They're doing a lot of things right. 

I noticed a couple of their offerings that I hadn't tried in my fav beer emporium so I… of course… picked them up. 

First up is the Pale Ale. It's important to note that Sierra Nevada owns my pale ale heart and it's going to be tough to unseat her. I love the look of the Founders at first pour. Beautiful golden color with a slight haze and a thin, clingy white head. Beautiful. There's not a lot on the nose, just a hint of malt and hops, as expected. The first taste is clean and crisp if not underwhelming. It's dry with nice balance, but not a lot going on. The bottom line is it's a good beer, but perhaps not my favorite style. It doesn't have the body of the Sierra Nevada, so her place is safe. At 5.4% ABV, it's a beer you should consider when you're having more than one. 

Vital Facts: Poured from a 12oz bottle into that glass there in the picture. It was pretty cold… maybe 45F? 5.4% ABV. 35 IBU. 
Taste: B. I like a little more going on in my beer. Both the malt and hops were lacking IMHO. 
Drinkability: A-. I could see myself having more than a few of these poolside. A good session beer if you're into that. 


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  1. <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Their Breakfast Stout *is* fantastic. And don’t think I haven’t noticed you stepping up the photo game with the top down shots. The new standard has been set.&nbsp;<br><br></div></body></html>

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