Founders Centennial IPA

In my post earlier tonight I talked about why I love Founders Brewing Company. Let's go straight to the review for their Centennial IPA. 

This beer pours a deep orange color with a thin white head that quickly disappears, leaving average lacing on the glass and a thin film on the beer. It smells vaguely fruity with a hint of caramel. I'm getting a little pine from the hops, but not a lot. The first taste is full of malt with a nice balance from the hops. The caramel is there too with just a hint of grapefruit. This is a sticky beer. The hop resin clings to your tongue and just chews it up. I'm 1/3 of the way through it and I have zero taste buds left. The word I have for this beer is "balance." It's a bit higher abv (7.2%) that's incredibly well hidden. Be careful with this one boys and girls… it packs a punch. 

Vital Stats: Poured from a 12oz bottle into that there glass. Coldish. 7.2% ABV. 65 IBUs. 
Taste: B+. It's not my favorite IPA (Green Flash West Coast IPA has me wrapped around her finger right now), but it's solid. 
Drinkability: B… as in be careful. 


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