Dogfish Head Festina Peche


Another quick post. This is a peach flavored Berliner weisse. A style nearly extinct in the commercial market. This isn’t traditional as its normally flavored at the time of service, and at a very low ABV, however this is a very serviceable example . It is one of the few US brewed examples I am aware of that is available nationally, albeit only as a summer seasonal.
Summary it’s a beer I am really enjoying lately, may not be a style for everyone. It is a sour beer, in a subtle way. It’s a very crisp refreshing beer enjoyable and won’t weight you down. The fruit is apparent on both the nose and taste, but isn’t too intense.
There is no shortage of interesting beers brewed by dogfish head, while I almost always am intrigued by them, and frequently buy those large factor bottles. More often than not I don’t revisit them. This is a four pack I am already on my second and I will be getting a few more before the season is over.


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  1. This sounds like one to investigate right around now as the weather is really starting to warm up. I’ll look for it next time I’m out. I’ll be interested to see how they handled this style all in the bottle.

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