Enjoying the Estate ale by Sierra Nevada


It seems like every season Sierra Nevada has a release that’s interesting enough for one of us to check out. Jim’s earlier review peaked my interest in the fresh hop ales from Sierra. When I spotted this at my local craft beer store for 7.99 in a large format bottle, I had to pick it up. The Label, and wax dipped bottle are eye catching at a reasonable price point. While not as fresh as it could be, released in early October, but I don’t think this beer suffers for it. Beyond the label, and the fact it’s a fresh hop ale, the locavore in me is excited to note this beer is crafted from organic grains and hops grown on the Sierra Nevada Estate. This is Impressive, but not unheard of in this time of sustainability, and Sierra Nevada is known in the industry as one of the thought leaders in the sustainable brewing movement.

Light Golden orange, one of my favorite colors for a beer. There is lots of lacing, and a thin fine head that has persisted the entire time I’ve been drafting this review. This is a real easy beer to enjoy. It’s not hop forward, thin or watery. It has a slight grassy flavor, can be attributed to the use of fresh hops. The aroma of this beer is flowery, grassy, and midly grainy much like the flavor. As Derek pointed out fresh hop beers don’t generally have the same hop punch of traditional IPA’s or Pale ales, the roundness, and subtleness is more the calling card.

To summarize, this is another fine Sierra Nevada offering, if you find it fresh, it’s a worth while beer.

Vitals: Served at 45F in a Perfect Pint. 6.7% ABV. Organic, estate grown hops.

Taste: B+. Simple, enjoyable, neither fruity, or overly bitter.

Drinkability: A. No problem enjoying this large format bottle, looking for more.

Packaging: B. Elegant and beautiful, but missing what I’d consider the important details. No grain, hop varitals, or bottled / brewed date.

Value: B+ 7.99 a bottle bigger than a bomber is a reasonable price to pay for an organic fresh hop ale.


4 comments on “Enjoying the Estate ale by Sierra Nevada

  1. Awesome! I saw this in a store earlier today and passed it over. Guess where you’ll see me over the weekend to pick it up. I’ve really enjoyed tasting all the different fresh hops this year. As you mentioned, they’re not the hop bombs people might expect, but just an all around great beer to drink. Good to hear you liked this one!

  2. $7.99? Wow. Haven’t looked for it in Seattle yet, but in Delaware it was never less than $12 which I thought was a bit steep.

  3. Matt – I agree, it was a really good price, and that wasn’t a slip up, as I removed the price tag for the photos. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t mispriced.

  4. <html><head><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"></head><body dir="auto"><div>Great post, Aaron!  Good beer, fair price (even if it was a mistake) = a good find. <br><br></div></body></html>

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