Double IPA Tasting – So Much Hops, So Little Time

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I was very lucky to be a part of our CBS crew who tasted six of the world’s best Double IPAs (or Imperial IPAs) on Tuesday night. The line-up:

  1. Pliny the ElderRussian River
  2. Hercules Double IPAGreat Divide
  3. 90 Minute IPADogfish Head
  4. LarryWachusett Brewing Co.
  5. MaharajaAvery Brewing
  6. Double TroubleFounders Brewing

For the sake of science we each took pretty detailed notes, and I wanted to share mine here. I’ll confess up front that DIPAs might be my favorite type of beer. I love the big, hoppy taste you get, and love the bright bitterness many of them seem to have and Tuesday night’s tasting selections did not disappoint.

Without further ado, my ratings:


Unsurprisingly, Pliny came out on top, for me. This wasn’t the case all around, and it ranked pretty low for some of our other tasters. Overall, I wasn’t really surprised. I like bright, cleaner tasting DIPAs, and Pliny and Wachusett’s great Larry both really delivered on the pine and citrus fronts. Both the Great Divide and Avery entries were a little too sweet for me. The biggest surprise to me was that Dogfish Head’s 90-Minute didn’t wow me. It’s a go-to for me in local bars, and I’m a big fan. This bottle was just underwhelming. I do pledge to keep drinking it, and report back!

I’d love to hear feedback from out DIPA-lovers. How do my ratings stack up against your expeirences? Anything out there that I have to try?

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