Deschutes “Black Butte Porter”

Last week I was in Montana visiting friends and hunting and hiking.  I tried to take advantage of the beers unavailable on the East Coast and think I did a pretty good job. Here they are…
  • Big Sky Brewing Co. “Moose Drool Brown Ale”
  • “Cold Smoke”
  • New Belgium “Fat Tire”
  • Big Sky Brewing Co. “Montana Trout Slayer Ale”
  • Kona “Pipeline Porter”
  • Big Sky Brewing Co. “IPA”
  • Missoula Brewing “Highlander”
  • Harvest Moon “Pigs Ass Porter”
  • Kokanee
  • Big Sky Brewery “Scape Goat”
  • Deschutes “Black Butte Porter”
  • Kettlehouse “Lake Missoula Amber”
  • Kettlehouse “Eddy Out Pale Ale”
  • Spanish Peaks “Black Dog Ale” (Most notably, for me, as the first tap handle to grace the Black Lab Bar)
Deschutes “Black Butte Porter” (recommended by my friend, Sara Kagey) was one of my favorites. Nice, dark, smooth, with strong notes of chocolate:

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