Dark Horse “Too” Cream Stout


Once again, dueling reviews by Jim and I on another Dark Horse Brewing Company offering. Tonight: their “Too” Cream Stout and I’m up first. And once again, I must lament the lack of useful info on the label or a story of any kind. But at least they’re consistent.

This beer poured dark and thick with minimal head (though I was pretty careful). As with the Blueberry “Tres” Stout, the head disappeared before I could take the photo. Chocolate and coffee predominate on the nose (and are far more pronounced than the scents on the other Dark Horse offering we tried). I think I’m picking up cherries on there as well. It really is a wonderful-smelling beer.


Mouthfeel isn’t quite as heavy as I expected given how thick it appeared to be upon pouring. It’s also a little more carbonated than I thought it’d be. The taste, I have to admit, didn’t wow me in the same way their Blueberry Stout did. The chocolate and coffee flavors promised by the nose come up a bit short in the tasting. Chocolate and coffee notes are most prominent, with a bit of a woody flavor mixed in. There’s an acidic taste to it as well which carries through the finish. You get an alcohol bite at the back as well which lingers a bit longer than I wish it would.

Overall, this one rates a ‘fine’ in my book, but I don’t think I’d go back for more. An OK example of a sweet stout, but not my favorite. Given the choice, I’d go with their “Tres” every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


Taste: B-
Drinkability: B
Vitals: 8.0% ABV. Poured from a 12 ounce bottle (it’s right there in the photo, people!), served at 48F.

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